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Gui Gan Bu  

Gwai Gon Biu [cantonese spelling]
Gui Gan Bu [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Red & Black

Release date: 1991 Hong Kong
Running time: 93' (cover 94') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: UK: 15; US: NR; HK: II A
Main Crew: Director: Andrew Gam Yeung Wa (The Big Heat 1988)
Producer: Hatract Films Ltd.
Score: Law Wing Fai
Writer: Lillian Lee Pik-Wah
Director of photography: Chim Ang Hung


Summary: The Japanese armies that invaded Chinese homes during World War II brought along a thousand-year old "blood demon". After being taken over by this vampiric entity, Lin Chiang's (Lam Ching-Ying) father sacrifices his life to prevent the powerful evil spirit from escaping into the human world. Lin is brought up by Liang's (Tony Leung) family, which makes Liang becoming extremely jealous, and during the Cultural Revolution, he expels Lin, who has been studying the Taoist arts, for "re-education". But when the demon finally breaks free and possesses a local leader of the Communist Party, the rival stepbrothers must team up to rid the world of the harmful demon. If only they could put aside their political differences and their love for the same woman (Joey Wong)...
Note: - A Hong Kong horror film that places the usual story elements within the context of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The struggle between the new ideology vs. traditional beliefs is given form by the presence of a supernatural killer, whose very existence is impossible under the New Society, but must never-the-less be stopped.
- Lam Ching-Ying is most popularly known as the "Vampire Buster" in Chinese ghost, fantasy, and horror movies.

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