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Perdues Dans New York

AKA: Lost In New York

Release date: 1989 France
Running time: 52' - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Jean Rollin (Fascination 1979; La Vampire Nue 1969)
Producer: Les Films A.B.C. / Mars International Productions / Francam Interservice
Score: Philippe D'Aram
Writer: Jean Rollin
Director of photography: Max Monteillet


Summary: In LOST IN NEW YORK, two young girls discover a small wooden idol, possessing the magical powers of the african Moon Goddess which enables them to travel through time and space. Reality, and the world of cinema and literature become one, as the girls delve deep into the stories they only once dreamed of. In New York, that beautiful, yet mysteriously dangerous place, the home of Fu-Manchu and so many gangster stories, they finally meet each other again. Though older, both are wiser and full of precious memories.

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short review:

I have to say that this movie from acclaimed French directing icon Jean Rollin (who gave us such greats as The Living Dead Girl) is one of his worst. It has not really much to do with vampires, more with voodoo, witchcraft, time travelling and the experiences of a full life. But he can't deny his roots: there's a (short) scene about a female "white vampire" out for blood. But it would be mislabeling to call it a vampire movie. Try his other ones instead!

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