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Brides Of Dracula, The

AKA's: Dracula And His Brides / Dracula - Blodtörstig Vampyr / Dracula Und Seine Bräute / Maitresses De Dracula, Les / Novias de Dracula, Las / Spose Di Dracula, Le

Release date: 1960 UK
Running time: 85' (cover 86') - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: Germ.: 12; UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Terence Fisher (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 1969; The Devil Rides Out
               1968; Dracula: Prince Of Darkness 1965; The Mummy 1959; Dracula 1958)
Producer: Hammer Film
Score: Malcolm Williamson
Writer: Jimmy Sangster / Peter Bryan / Edward Percy / Anthony Hinds
Director of photography: Jack Asher


Summary: Marianne (Yvonne Monlaur), a beautiful young French girl, is stranded en route to a teaching assignment in Eastern Europe. She is persuaded to spend the night at the nearly deserted castle of a mysterious Baroness (Martita Hunt).
In the castle, Marianne accidentally discovers a man chained to the wall of his room. The Baroness only explains that he is her "sick and feeble-minded" son. Unable to get any further information from the maid Greta (Freda Jackson), Marianne steals a key and sets him free.
Once unbound, the Baron (David Peel) fiendishly recruits the undead for his evil purposes until captured by Marianne and the indefatigable Dr. Helsing (Peter Cushing).
Note: - After the huge success of Dracula (1958), producer Anthony Hinds commissioned a sequel to Dracula from writer Jimmy Sangster, titled "Disciple Of Dracula". The final scene of Sangster's screenplay had the young hero, Latour, summon the spirit of the undead Count to curtail Baron Meinster's heinous activities. Christopher Lee, well aware of what happened to Bela Lugosi's career when he was typecast as Dracula, refused to play the part again. Peter Cushing was the only character surviving from the last film and, indeed, from the original novel. Writer Peter Bryan was instructed to make significant alterations to Sangster's screenplay. He removed references to Dracula and introduced Van Helsing as the main protagonist. The script had Meinster consumed by a swarm of ferocious bats, and Van Helsing summons the Baron's nemesis with the aid of an ancient manuscript. Peter Cushing greatly disliked the first draft of the film and threatened to back out, so the script was drastically re-written to feature Van Helsing in a manner more pleasing to Cushing. Anthony Hinds' final revision of the screenplay had various scenes toned down, in an attempt to anticipate the British Board of Film Censors.
- Semi-sequel to Hammer's Dracula (1958), and followed by Dracula: Prince Of Darkness (1965) - Kiss Of The Vampire was produced 1962, but was no "Dracula" movie.
- Peter Cushing did not return to play Van Helsing until Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972).
- David Peel's Baron Meinster was criticised for not fitting the vampire cliche (a blond vampire).
- The title is taken from a short story by Bram Stoker.

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