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Baron's Bride, The
Episode 13 from Season 1 from FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES

AKA: Horrornächte - Eine Zeitreise Ins Grauen

Release date: 1988 Canada
Running time: 45' - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Bradford May (Devil's Prey 2001; Gargantua 1998)
Producer: Hometown Films / Lexicon Productions
Score: Fred Mollin
Writer: Larry Gaynor
Director of photography: Rodney Charters


Summary: A mysterious cape has the ability to make it's wearer irresistible for women. Not a bad thing, but tere's a problem. The righteous owner of the cape is a vampire, for whom time has no barriers - he travels through the centuries. While trying to destroy the cape Mickey (Louise Robey) and Ryan (John D. LeMay) are taken back to the 19th century London. Disoriented and shunned by the citizens because of their strange clothing, they follow the vampire's bloody trail...

Our Ranking

short review:

Not so bad for a TV-serial! It's the series first time-travel episode (the series had nothing to do with Jason, but was about mystical/cursed objects instead), and they managed real fine by shooting the historical parts in black & white, which enhanced the "noir" atmosphere of the fog enshrouded London streets. The end is great: after returning to their own time, Ryan and Mickey come to the conclusion that the destitute writer whom they've met, Abraham, may have been Bram Stoker, and that the events of their meeting may have prompted him to write his famous novel "The Time Travellers" - Just kidding, the particular novel was "Dracula".

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