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Vampyres Online
the vampire movie database

As Vampire-film collectors ourselves, we have been searching the net for reliable lists about the subject. After spending many hours online - often really disappointed - we decided to do a list on our own. What we had in mind is to give other collectors or fans of the genre a backup, where they can find a series of movies with a bit of background information about every single one of them. But where to start? Since there exist quite a lot of these movies with a wide variety of quality (and often no other relationship to the topic than the title). For that reason we only picked the movies of our own collection, so that we can provide you with all the inside information you' re longing for (At least we hope to do so). Naturally that can't be a complete list of all existing movies of the genre, but we' re doing our best to assemble more and more stuff by the time. Due to financial limitations, new entries may be coming slowly sometimes, but we' re still on the hunt!


For the reference, we picked the one in our possession. Listed is the version (US, UK, or German, DVD or VHS), the rating from the cover (compared to an eventually different rating in the US, UK or Germany), the running time, main crew and the cast, year of production and country, and the production-company.

We divided the listing-section in three parts: in the chronological and the ranking list the movies are listed with their regular release titles. For the alphabetical list we listed the films under all of the aka (short for "also known as") titles we know of. But you always get linked to the same page with the regular title of the film, if you want to get deeper into one of them.

Running time:

We listed the time noted on the cover, compared to the real running time picked from the counter of our VCR-/DVD-Player. The German/UK versions are compared with the official US running-time. Due to different systems in these countries (PAL/NTSC), the US-tapes normally have around five minutes longer running times than the European tapes. Nevertheless these shorter noted PAL versions are not cut! Only when the difference is more, there exists a real cutting.

Main crew:

We only picked the most important ones of the crewmembers, which we thought to be of the highest interest for everybody. When a famous director was involved, we listed some of his/her career-highlights.


The cast is listed as noted in the films, most of the time in "order of appearance". So some famous actors/main characters may appear deep down in the list. Time by time, we weren't able to decipher all of the names correctly, so we asked the net (mainly IMDB). The same, when only parts of the cast were listed.


It's the back-cover text, meant to give you a short synopsis. Often, the text differs widely from the real plot! For that reason, we installed the SHORT REVIEW.

Short review:

Obviously, this feature can't be objective. It's our own point of view (even we two often had strong differences), trying to give you a little help if a film is worth watching, about its quality and the real storyline - However, if we have different opinions on a film, there are two comments in the review section

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We tried our best to avoid mistakes and to be as objective as possible. But nobody is infallible! If you find any mistakes, have any propositions or just want to get in contact with us about this list, feel free to mail us. Any suggestions will be appreciated and we' ll try to answer ASAP.

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