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Return Of Dracula, The

AKA's: Bacio Dello Spettro, Il / Curse Of Dracula, The / Draculas Blutnacht / Fantastic Disappearing Man, The / Hombre Que Desaparece, El

Release date: 1958 USA
Running time: 77' (Cover 77')- Source: VHS NTSC b/w
Rating: Germ.: 16; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Paul Landres (Lone Texan 1959; Johnny Rocco 1958; The Vampire 1957)
Producer: Gramercy Pictures / United Artists
Score: Gerald Fried
Writer: Pat Fielder
Director of photography: Jack MacKenzie


Summary: Count Dracula (Francis Lederer) travels from his native Balkans to America to spread his domination. He assumes the identity of a Czech artist whom he murders en route to the States, and then moves in with the dead man's aunt (Greta Granstedt) and cousin (Norma Eberhardt) in a small town in California. His odd behavior is attributed by all to his eccentricity... but when immigration officials begin an investigation of him, he embarks on a murderous spree that no one in the quiet little town will ever forget.
Note: - Francis Lederer said that the only film he really regretted doing was "The Return Of Dracula".
- The modern-day vampire hunters inspired Marvel Comics' TOMB OF DRACULA comic series.
- There is a brief color insert shot (Colour was around then, but very expensive) of blood gushing during the staking of a vampire woman.
- The coffin sequence with the thick mist was achieved through double printing (having every frame printed twice).

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