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Return Of Doctor X, The

AKA's: Regreso Del Doctor X, El / Ritorno Del Dottor X, Il / Rückkehr Des Dr. X, Die / Volta Do Doutor X, A / Zweite Leben Des Dr. X, Das

Release date: 1939 USA
Running time: 62' (cover 62') - Source: VHS NTSC b/w
Rating: UK: H; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Vincent Sherman (Cervantes 1966; All Through The Night 1942)
Producer: First National Pictures / Warner Bros.
Score: Bernhard Kaun
Writer: Leo Katz / William J. Makin (novel "The Doctor's Secret")
Director of photography: Sidney Hickox


Summary: A New York newspaper reporter (Wayne Morris) claims to have found an actress dead in her apartment and publishes the story. She turns up very much alive and willing to sue him. However, he can't seem to get over how unnaturally pale she looks and why she keeps her face hidden under a black veil. Now, without a job, he launches his own private investigation to get to the bottom of the mystery and to prove that he did in fact see this woman's body as good as dead. His search leads him to a doctor who specializes in blood types (Humphrey Bogart). He also discovers that there are several unsolved murder cases in which the victims were completely drained of blood. Who is this mysterious Dr. X and what are his fiendish experiments?
Note: - Humphrey Bogart's sole foray into horror, only months away from super-stardom. He was assigned against his will, as a punishment by Jack Warner, to play the villain (he called the film "the stinking movie").
- Boris Karloff was to star as Dr. X, but was not available.
- Sherman made his directorial debut with "The Return of Dr. X".
- The movie must have gone through some heavy editing, because there are many credit errors. First, the end credits bill Wayne Morris as Walter Barnett, but he is called Walter Garrett in the movie throughout and that name is also printed in newspapers several times. Next, Charles Wilson is billed as Detective Ray Kincaid, but he is called Roy throughout. Finally, many of the actors who were supposed to be in the movie never turn up, including two who were credited onscreen - Howard Hickman and Arthur Aylesworth.

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