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AKA's: Diskothek Dracula / Dracula Auf Abwegen / Draculas Erotische Abenteuer / Granddaughter Of Dracula

Release date: 1978 USA
Running time: 83' (cover 83') - Source: VHS NTSC
78' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Harry Hurwitz (as Harry Tampa) (The Rosebud Beach Hotel 1984)
Producer: Compass International Pictures / Nai Bonet Enterprises
Score: Reid Whitelaw / Norman Bergen
Writer: Nai Bonet / Harry Hurwitz
Director of photography: Mac Ahlberg


Summary: Batty old Count Dracula (John Carradine) was keeping something from us all along. Seems the eternal sleepwalker has another bloodsucking expert in the family - the exotic raven-tressed beauty Nocturna (Nai Bonet).
Now, her story is being told - with biting wit. Hard times have befallen the house of Dracula and so the ancestral castle has been converted into the Hotel Transylvania. To help business, Nocturna books an American rock group to entertain. Our heroine is attracted to Jimmy (Antony Hamilton), the leader of the group, but Jimmy's music has a strange effect on her: the vampire blood-lust turns to good old-fashioned lust!
Against Count Dracula's wishes, Nocturna runs away with Jimmy to New York. The Count follows and enlists the help of his New York "underworld" friends. But Jimmy isn't about to let the girl of his dreams (nightmares?) get away...

Our Ranking

short review:

Nice horror-comedy that is primarily a showcase for Nai Bonet, a belly-dancer-turned-actress, in her role as Nocturna. The cast is sometimes overacting, especially John Carradine as the toothless (he has dentures!) but still powerful Master of all vampires. And check out those groovy cartoon transformation effects - the vampires shapeshift into PAINTED bats. Several 70's disco song-and-dance numbers slow down the movie a bit, but allow beautiful Nai Bonet some dancing scenes. The finale is done somehow hasty, but overall it was a cute little comedy.

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