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Night Fangs

AKA: Fauces De La Noche

Release Date: 2005 USA
Running time: 98' (cover 98') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
Rating: UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Ricardo Islas (Headcrusher 1999)
Producer: Alpha Studios
Score: Keith Johnson
Writer: Ricardo Islas
Director of photography: Ana Gonzalez


Summary: Two lesbian art teachers obsessed with eternal youth have managed to get Elizabeth Bathory's diary. Performing bloody rituals, they accidentally unleash an ancient evil that will devour their flesh and souls...
Note: - South American filmmaker Ricardo Islas (who also turns up in the film as the fannishly named professor Nashy) is dubbed the John Carpenter of Uruguay.
- The vampires aren't the typical beautiful and glamorous Hollywood-style creatures but rather a more hungry animal-like type of vampires.
- The finale of the movie was shot at the historical Aragon Theatre in Chicago. During the shoot, the care-taker didn't like to visit the set since, according to him, the place was haunted for real.
- Night Fangs received the "People's Choice Award" at the "Chicago Horrorfest" 2005.

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