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Monster Club, The

AKA's: Club Dei Mostri, Il / Club De Los Monstruos, El / Club Des Monstres, Le

Release date: 1980 UK
Running time: 93' (cover 93') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Roy Ward Baker (The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires 1973; Asylum 1972;
               Scars Of Dracula 1970; The Vampire Lovers 1970)
Producer: Amicus / Chips Productions / Sword & Sorcery
Score: Alan Hawkshaw / John Georgiadis / Douglas Gamley
Writer: Edward & Valerie Abraham / Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes (novel)
Director of photography: Peter Jessop


Summary: Distinguished horror writer Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine) is attacked by a vampire, Erasmus (Vincent Price). Assuring his victim that his bite was not deep enough to bring him into the fold, the vampire takes him to the "Monster Club". The collection of weird creatures enjoying themselves offers plenty of new material for the author. In addition, Erasmus explains to Ronald the rules of Monsterdom, and illustrates his theme with three tales.
We hear the story of Angela (Barbara Kellerman), her boyfriend George (Simon Ward), and Raven (James Laurenson), the gentle but repulsive-looking Shadmock. With his eyes on Raven's collection of antiques, George persuades Angela to be Raven's secretary.
Angela opens the safe - and is caught by Raven. Hurt, Raven tries to control himself, but a piercing whistle begins. The horrific transformation in Angela drives her boyfriend insane.
In the second story an American (Stuart Whitman) goes hunting for a village in which to make a horror film. He finds what he is looking for in a village of ghouls. But he finds himself the prisoner of the village's strange looking inhabitants.
In the third story, Lintom (Warren Saire), a child of a mother (Britt Ekland) who married a vampire (Richard Johnson), is going to school like any ordinary child, but Lintom's father sleeps by day and wakes only to go out at night.
Lintom, who is having a bad time at school, is rescued by what seems to be the local vicar. But it is Pickering (Donald Pleasence) of the Special Branch concerned with eradicating vampirism. The next time mother goes to the shops, Lintom creeps down to the cellar and discovers his father sleeping in a coffin. Terrified, the boy runs out of the house, straight into the waiting arms of Pickering.
Mother returns in time to see Pickering drive a stake into father's heart and a crimson fountain cascading out of the coffin. Proud in his moment of victory, the triumphant Pickering then receives a shock...
Erasmus proposes Ronald for membership in the Monster Club. The monsters protest that Ronald is a human being, whereupon Erasmus, citing man's ingeniuty for every type of destruction, proves that humans are the greatest monsters of all.

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