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Lost Platoon, The

AKA: Pelotao Vampiro

Release date: 1989 USA
Running time: 78' (cover 85'/USA 86') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: David A. Prior (Night Trap 1993; Raw Nerve 1991; Rapid Fire 1990)
Producer: Action International Pictures
Score: Tim James / Steve McClintock / Mark Mancina
Writer: Ted Prior / David A. Prior
Director of photography: James Neil Rosenthal


Summary: Germany, Worldwar II:
David Hollander (William Knight), a young american soldier, is saved from certain death by a mysterious stranger.

Vietnam, 1968:
Twenty-five years later, Hollander, now employed as a newspaper war correspondant, is shocked to see the same stranger and his platoon... completely unchanged and unaged!

Nicaragua, 1991:
After discovering a Civil War photo of the same four soldiers, he travels to war-torn Central America on a mission to find the secret of these elusive survivors. His discovery may cost not only the war... but his life. These immortal soldiers thrive on war and live on human blood as vampires. And when Hollander's life is threatened once again, he must make the choice: to die... or join "The Lost Platoon"!

Our Ranking

short review:

This seemed to be a new and intriguing idea: vampire mercenaries on a killing spree through the worldwide battlefields. But alas, the realization has been pretty poor. It's more some kind of jungle-war-mystery with too less vampire related scenes. The actors are terrible and the whole movie is far to often illogical. Aaand: the vampires walk the earth during full daylight - I did not know they could do so (except you are a level 30 "Vampire -The Masquerade" character with day walking ability)!!! My advise: don't waste your dark hours on this one; there's enough, much better done stuff around.

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