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Lady Dracula (1977)

Release date: 1977 West Germany
Running time: 75' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Franz-Joseph Gottlieb (The Phantom Of Soho 1964; The Black Abbot 1963)
Producer: IFV Produktion / TV 13
Score: Horst Jankowski
Writer: Redis Read / Bradford Harris
Director of photography: Ernst W. Kalinke / Fritz Baader


Summary: In 1876, the countess Barbara Von Weidenborn (Marion Kracht) is abducted from her young ladies' boarding school by Count Dracula (Stephen Boyd). He puts the bite on her and turns her into a vampire, but Dracula is killed by the angry villagers. Barbara is interred in a coffin, but accidentally exhumed one hundred years later, in modern day Germany. Although she is a vampire, she doesn't want to kill people. So Barbara (now plyaed by Evelyne Kraft) tries to be a nice little vampire who only gets her food from the blood bank... She also works in a funeral home where she feeds on supplies. But when she kills her boss's fiancee and falls in love with the investigating police officer (Brad Harris), the problems start.

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