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Kingdom Of The Vampire

Release date: 1991 USA
Running time: 70' (cover 90') - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: J.R. Bookwalter (Ozone 1993; Robot Ninja 1990; The Dead Next Door 1988)
Producer: Suburban Tempe Company
Score: Matthew Jason Walsh
Writer: Matthew Jason Walsh / J.R. Bookwalter
Director of photography: J.R. Bookwalter (as Lance Randas)


Summary: Jeff (Matthew Jason Walsh) seems to be a normal guy. He lives at home with his mother (Cherie Petry). He has a good night job in a liquor store. And he looks pretty good for a vampire that's ninety years old.
But Jeff's mother is a terrible old hag who has a habit of killing neighborhood children in her bloodthirsty rages. Jeff remains reluctant to reveal his true identity until he meets Nina (Shannon Doyle), a young woman who fancies him.
But Jeff's not the only one with eyes for Nina... mother has other plans for her!!

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short review:

Low budget production (shot on Super-VHS for less than $2500.-), where not much happens during most of the film, except for lame acting and bad FX. Nothing in this movie about an old hag and her boy, who both happen to be vampires, is very frightening. A remake has been discussed (but postponed by now), would be interresting to see the movie with at least some kind of budget and better actors - the story behind ain't so bad at all!

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