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Karmina 2

AKA's: K 2 / Karmina 2: L'Enfer De Chabot

Release date: 2001 Canada
Running time: 97' (cover 97') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Gabriel Pelletier (Karmina 1996; Shadows Of The Past 1991)
Producer: Go Films
Score: Gaetan Essiambre
Writer: Gabriel & Yves Pelletier (based on Ann Burke's "Carmina")
Director of photography: Daniel Villeneuve


Summary: For the past five years, Esmeralda's (France Castel) magic potion has enabled a comic crew of vampires to live peacefully among mortals.
Ghislain Chabot (Gildor Roy) is responsible for making and distributing the potion. Domestic tensions rise between Ghislain and his wife Linda (Diane Lavallee), leaving Chabot without a home and more importantly, without access to the potion recipe. He runs into a fellow reformed vampire, Vlad (Yves Pelletier), and takes refuge at his apartment. Before long Ghislain realizes that Vlad is up to illegal activities and has been using "Ghislain Chabot" as his criminal alias. Mistaken identities result in Chabot being chased by famous TV anchor Julie Cazavant (Sylvie Leonard), by double-crossed gangsters and Vlad-swindled Proulx (Julien Poulin), the "King of Poutine".
Meanwhile in Transylvania, the potion shortage is becoming a serious problem and impatient vampires Karmina and Philippe (Isabelle Cyr and Robert Brouillette) decide to travel to Quebec to find out what has happened.
Who will triumph in this wild and hilarious countdown as we watch the vampires confront each other? Vampires or humans?
Note: - The sequel of "Karmina" (1996) - which was a financial flop, but gained cult status in Quebec, Canada - was made primarily for the French Canadian market.

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