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Jonathan - Vampire Sterben Nicht

AKA: Jonathan: Le Dernier Combat Contre Les Vampires

Release date: 1969 West Germany
Running time: 97' - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: Germ.: 16
Main Crew: Director: Hans W. Geissendörfer (The Magic Mountain 1982; The Wild Duck 1976)
Producer: Iduna Film / Telepool
Score: Roland Kovac
Writer: Hans W. Geissendörfer
Director of photography: Robby Müller


Summary: Daylight does not harm vampires any more. With this weakness removed, by the 16th or 17th century vampires have become the aristocracy, controlling government and exploiting the few remaining, destitute humans as food and servants. A desperate group of humans elects young Jonathan (Jürgen Jung), a member of the peasant resistance movement, to infiltrate the vampire's clan meetings and to lead a mission intent of destroying their oppressors and their leader, the Count (Paul Albert Krumm). But the vampires seem to foil him at every turn...

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