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Ironbound Vampire, The

Release date: 1997 USA
Running time: 64' (cover 75') - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: US: NR/18 & older
Main Crew: Director: Karl Petry
Producer: MVP Productions
Score: John Black / Stephen Broude
Writer: Karl Petry
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: The promise of eternal life. Exquisite pleasures of the flesh that were once just wild fantasies ... 80 years ago Thomas Lane (Richard Matyskiel) lay alone and dying on a World War I battlefield. A mysterious figure approached, and transformed his life - and death - forever. Welcome to this bloodthirsty realm of evil, insatiable sexual appetites.
Today Thomas lives a nocturnal existence in Ironbound, a darkly Gothic sub-city of Newark, New Jersey. Tormented by what he is and what he must do to survive, yet consumed by a carnal desire to watch the most tantalizing lesbians in games of erotic seduction, Thomas is a haunted and tragic creature. But a serious threat looms. An ex-cop turned writer is pursuing Thomas, researching the legend of his vampiric reign of terror and harem of voracious servants. Uncovering frightful, generations-old clues, the writer soon finds himself face-to-face with Thomas' undeadly wrath and his cabal of lusty vampire lovers who will do anything - anything! - to protect their master.

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