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Interview With The Vampire

AKA's: Entretien Avec Un Vampire / Entrevista Com O Vampiro / Entrevista Con El Vampiro / Interview Mit Einem Vampir / Intervista Con Il Vampiro

Release date: 1994 USA
Running time: 118' (cover 118'/USA 123') - Source: DVD PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Neil Jordan (In Dreams 1999; Michael Collins 1996; The Crying Game 1992;
               Mona Lisa 1986; The Company Of Wolves 1984)
Producer: Geffen Pictures
Score: Elliot Goldenthal
Writer: Anne Rice
Director of photography: Philippe Rousselot


Summary: The Vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise), ageless, immortal and evil. He is sustained through the centuries by the blood of countless victims.
Louis De Pointe Du Lac (Brad Pitt) is a broken man, devestated by the loss of his beloved wife and infant daughter. Amid the unbearable heat of New Orleans, the air thick with desire and unspeakable horror, Louis encounters Lestat.
200 years later, Louis decides to tell his story - a vampire story of love, grief, terror and ecstasy - to a young reporter (Christian Slater), weaving the history that will come to be known as "Interview with the Vampire".

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short review:

Who of you has been able to resist the divine beauty of this film? I think not any one of you! Louis De Pointe Du Lac - the beautiful vampire, caught in his inner struggle. The evil!? (decide for yer self *g*) Lestat, always seductive and hungry, and of course Armand, the oldest of his kind, suffering on his loneliness, not getting the solace from Louis as he wanted so much.
I love this film, as I sure think you do too. If any of you hasn't seen it yet (which I honestly doubt), see it! That's an order!!

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