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Vampyres Online
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The site is optimized for a 768x1024 screen resolution. With lower resolution, you encounter some minor inconvience by using the scroll-bar. Sorry for that, but an extra 800x600 version is not longer available for technical reasons.

To enjoy this site to a maximum, please download the following fonts, and integrate them into your system. Believe me, you won't regret it, those fonts are absolutely great.

download the fonts Morpheus, Nosferatu and Cenobyte here
as zip
or each font on it's own:

How to install it easy:
  1. click on the font-link
  2. when the pop-up occurs, choose the 2nd option: [save as] or [speichern unter]
  3. now, change in the uppermost scrollbar (right to the [save as] or [speichern unter]) , the directory [C:\]
  4. now, a lot of directories must appear in the middlespace - doubleclick on [windows]
  5. now, double-click on [fonts]
  6. last, click [save] or [speichern]
  7. repeat this, with all 3 fonts, and the appearance of the site, should have changed

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