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Hot Vampire Nights

Release date: 1999 USA
Running time: 57' - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: UK: 18; US: NR/18 & up
Main Crew: Director: Sean Thorton (as Will Danahur on cover) (G-String Vampire 2005)
Producer: Innisfree Pictures
Score: Peter Vincent
Writer: Charlton Byrnes
Director of photography: Charlie Brewster


Summary: Her name is Mina (Shelly Jones; Playboy Sorority Girls Video, Vivid Films' Room-Mates, Baywatch Nights ), and she's a vampire cruising the streets of Miami in search of victims. Mina is sexy, she's hot, and she's only satisfied by the taste of another woman. From the downtown strip joints to the night clubs of South Beach, Mina seeks out long-legged, hard-bodied vixens to satisfy her ultra-erotic appetite.
One night, Mina calls into an FM radio talk show. With some coaxing from the Host (Anita Hayes), Mina tells listeners how she devours her luscious and willing late-night snacks - taking each woman to sweating, sinful ecstasy in the most steamy and delectable girl-on-girl action. You will be treated to a series of sensuous seductions as Mina makes hot, sweet love to her victims, her pleasure-seeking mouth exploring every gorgeous inch of these voluptuous women before giving them the final, undying kiss.
Can Mina be stopped? Should she?

Our Ranking

short review:

Okay, they have gorgeous girls in here (at least some of them) and Mina (the female vampire/heroine) bites their victims. But you don't see any fangs or bloodshed, it's mostly steamy girl-on-girl action, with an alleged kiss-of-death at the end of every encounter. They shot the movie in very seductive and nice pictures, covered with a really cool Jazz-score. But if you are in it for the vampires, it's a waste of time.

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