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Llamada Del Vampiro, La

AKA's: Aquelarre De Vampiros / Curse Of The Vampire / Curse Of The Vampyr / Horrortrip / Malediction Du Vampire, La

Release date: 1972 Spain
Running time: 85' (cover 90'/Spain 102') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18
Main Crew: Director: Jose Maria Elorrieta (Night Of The Devils 1971; Seven For Pancho Villa 1967)
Producer: Lacy Films / Sesena Films / Arco Films
Score: G. DeLuca / Vittorio Gelmetti / Angelo Francesco Lavagnino / Joaquin Torres
Writer: Jose Maria Elorrieta (as Joseph De Lacy) / Enrique Gonzalez Macho / Fermin
Director of photography: Pablo Ripoll


Summary: An atmospheric vampire story that tells the story of a female doctor (Diana Sorel) and her assistant Erica (Beatriz Elorrieta) who are invited by Carl von Rysselbert (Nicholas Ney), the son of a dying baron (Antonio Jimenez Escribano), to stay at his sinister mansion. Under the light of the full moon, Carl attacks Erika, killing her and drinking her blood. Soon he hungers for the blood of the doctor who, with stake in hand, must defeat the vampire to stay alive.

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