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Hollywood Vampyr

Release date: 2002 USA
Running time: 82' (cover 110') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Steven K. Akahoshi
Producer: Silver Sky Productions / North River Pictures
Score: Garrett Schwartz
Writer: Joel Eisenberg
Director of photography: Georg Fick


Summary: Hollywood Vampyr  tells the tale of the young female vampire Fatal (Nora Zimmett), a former heroin addict, who has embraced the underground gothic sub-culture. She decides to leave the "family" and break free from their depraved world with the help of her college tutor Tom (Jeff Marchelletta). Standing in the way is Blood (Trevor Goddard), the dominant coven leader whom she is unwillingly bound to. Against Professor Fulton's (Muse Watson) warnings, Tom finds Fatal's world increasingly seductive. As Fatal gradually loses the only person she trusts, she suddenly discovers destiny has other wicked plans.
Note: - Hollywood Vampyr  is the feature directorial debut of Silver Sky Productions, Inc. producing partner Steven K. Akahoshi and writer/producer Joel Eisenberg, who submerged himself in the Goth scene to reasearch the film. Three of LA's established Goth clubs (Communion, Bar Sinister and Antiquity) all provided a forum for the movie's principals to communicate with, and recruited real-life vampires as extras.
- Principal photography began September 11, 2000 for a 3-week shoot in the Los Angeles area, with a budget of $ 3 Million.
- The film was nominated for 5 awards at the Firelight Shocks Film Festival  at Modesto 2002 (incl. Jeff Marchelletta as "Best Actor"), and received the Fantasy Genre Award  for Nora Zimmett for "Best Actress".

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