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AKA's: Mein Großvater Ist Ein Vampir / Moonrise / My Grandfather Is A Vampire / My Grandpa Is A Vampire

Release date: 1991 New Zealand
Running time: 90' (cover 90'/USA 95') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 6; UK: PG; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: David Blyth (Red Blooded American Girl 1990; Death Warmed Up 1985)
Producer: The Tucker Production Co. / New Zealand Film Commission
Score: Jim Manzie / Pat Regan
Writer: Michael Heath
Director of photography: Kevin Hayward


Summary: Young Lonny (Justin Gocke) comes from America to visit his Auntie Leah (Pat Evison) and Grandfather Cooger (Al Lewis). There is something magical about Cooger and when he dies, he doesn't stay dead for long. When Auntie Leah tells partner Ernie (Noel Appleby) that Gramps is a vamp, Ernie want to stake him. Lonny and his friend Kanziora (Milan Borich) hide Cooger, but after awhile Cooger is forced to get assertive with Ernie, however he is quelled by Auntie Leah.

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short review:

So, this is a children's vampire comedy featuring Al Lewis (the great grandpa from TV's "The Munsters"). Mmh, take my advice: this one is strictly for children not older than ten! In distinction to The Little Vampire, which is neat and suitable for all ages, you won't get any fun out of this one as an adult. It's a good appetizer for your kids, if you wanna make them familiar with our beloved genre, but nothing more.

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