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Nostradamus, El Genio De Las Tinieblas

AKA: Genie Of Darkness

Release date: 1959 Mexico
Running time: 79' (Mexico 84') - Source: VHS NTSC b/w
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Federico Curiel (The Vengeance Of The Vampire Women 1970; Empire Of
               Dracula 1967; Neutron Vs. The Death Robots 1962)
               Alberto Mariscal (co-director)
Producer: Estudios America S.A.
Score: Jorge Perez
Writer: Federico Curiel / Alfredo Ruanova / Carlos Enrique Taboada
Director of photography: Fernando Alvarez Garcés (as Ferdinand Colin)


Summary: In the third installment of the NOSTRADAMUS series, the Vampire (German Robles) returns from the grave to continue carrying out his vengeance against earthly beings. So once again, it's up to Professor Dolan (Domingo Soler) and Igor the Vampire Slayer (no relation to Buffy) to stop his reign of terror.
Nostradamus, realizing that Igor (Jack Taylor) is his most powerful foe, subdues Antonio (Julio Aleman), the Professor's assistant, and under his influence orders him to kill his adversary. Igor discovers Nostradamus' plan and frees Antonio from the diabolical spell. Antonio leads Igor to the monster's hideout, and there in a psychic battle of wits, Nostradamus kills Igor.
Antonio can't remember anything about the hideout. Nostradamus strikes again and leaves a message for Dolan in which he announces the hour of his crime and the adress of his next victim. The Professor and Antonio rush to the indicated place and find a young lady who resents their presence. Moments later her suitor arrives, but is thrown out of the house and killed by a guard who believes he's a thief. To their surprise the guard informs them that the girl they saw had actually died months ago.
Antonio sees a painting which makes him remember where Nostradamus is hiding. The two men hurry to the old mansion, but the monster escapes. They manage to confiscate his coffin which is filled with ancient ashes that keep his power alive. Knowing that his end may be near, Nostradamus goes full throttle after his enemies.
Note: - In 1959, a 12 part serial of twentyfive minute installments was filmed for Mexican movie goers under the title of "The Curse Of Nostradamus". These episodes were released in the form of four "features" in Mexican theaters, each of them made of three episodes. K. Gordon Murray cut it into four movies for release to some theatres and American TV. The US release titles are "Curse Of Nostradamus", "The Monster Demolisher", "The Genie Of Darkness" and "The Blood Of Nostradamus".
- This film this is the third in the Nostradamus series, containing an edited cut of the original series' episodes seven to nine (El Genio De Las Tinieblas / Mas Alla De La Vida / El Hijo De La Noche).
- Nostradamus is either the son or the grandson of the famous Nostradamus. He refers to himself as both the son of and son of the son, and he has to sleep on the ashes of his ancestors.

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