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Release Date: 2003 USA
Running time: 56' (cover 60') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Mark Baranowski (Runaway Terror 2002; Despair 2001)
Producer: On Mark Productions
Score: Mark Baranowski (as Marquis)
Writer: Mark Baranowski
Director of photography: Mark Baranowski


Summary: Some plans just never work out right...
Just as burned-out drug dealer David (Mark Baranowski) decides it's time to head for paradise with his girlfriend (Brinke Stevens), he suddenly gets the urge to make one last stop at the home of his ex-wife, Nicole (Ryli Morgan). Little does David know that Nicole is no longer the sweet and innocent housewife he left behind a year ago. She now has a girlfriend of her own (Rachelle Williams), who's introduced her to a lifestyle David could never have imagined. In fact, David will soon realize that some things are much better left in the past...
Note: - Mark Baranowski (married to actress Ryli Morgan, with whom he collaborates on nearly every project) wrote, directed, acted, produced, scored, shot, designed the DVD packaging and was the production coordinator, set decorator and still photographer for this movie.
- Scream Queen Brinke Stevens (Nightmare Sisters ; Teenage Exorcist ) makes a cameo, although, due to the meager budget of only $ 2000, she had her own cameraman shoot her scenes at her California home and then mailed her footage to Mark Baranowski, who edited it along with his own material.
- Actress Rachelle Williams is the pseudonym for author Rhonda K. Baughman, graduate student at Antioch University McGregor, MA (Creative Writing program).

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