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Vampyres Online
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Genre: Adult

Release Date: 1993
Running time: 78' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18
Main Crew: Director: Hugo Bataille
Producer: VTO Pictures
Score: n/a
Writer: n/a
Director of photography: Steve Beaumont


Summary: Ever since that fateful night he met beautiful and seductive Draculine (Julia Chanel), Rocco feels the strange urge to bite people's necks. But when a friend shows him some video footage of that particular night, it all becomes crystal clear to him: while making love to Draculine, she has turned him into one of her kind, a vampire, a creature of the night.
As he starts coughing up blood, he has only two options left to become human again: he has either to deflower a virgin, or to kill the vampire that turned him into one of the undead...

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