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Devil Bat's Daughter

AKA: Hija Del Vampiro, La

Release date: 1946 USA
Running time: 66' (cover 66') - Source: VHS NTSC b/w
Rating: UK: A; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Frank Wisbar (Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want To Live Forever? 1958)
Producer: PRC Pictures
Score: Alexander Steinert
Writer: Griffin Jay / Leo S. McCarthy / Ernst Jäger
Director of photography: James S. Brown Jr.


Summary: She awakens with a scream in the dead of night. Her father visited her dreams again as a vampire thirsty for blood! She consults a psychiatrist about her troubled sleep, but the nightmares grow more ugly and violent under the doctor's care. Can it be true? Did she really murder the doctor's wife? Was her father actually a vampire? Is she?
Note: - The movie is a sequel to one of PRC's few successes, the 1940 "Devil Bat" with Bela Lugosi.
- Footage from "The Devil Bat" is used for some hallucinatory sequences.
- German director Frank Wisbar was a rising star in his own country before he was forced to flee the Nazis and emigrated to the U.S.
- Rosemary LaPlanche was Miss America of 1941.

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