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Dark Angels

AKA's: Anges Des Tenebres, Les / Nic Andrews' Dark Angels

Genre: Adult

Release date: 2000 USA
Running time: 118' (cover 100') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: X
Main Crew: Director: Nic Andrews
Producer: New Sensations
Score: Derik Andrews / Inversion 89
Writer: Nic Andrews / George Kaplan
Director of photography: Jake Jacobs


Summary: An innocent woman (Jewel De Nyle) is thrust into the sordid world of the undead when she witnesses a brutal murder and inadvertently becomes the next target. Fearing for her life, she seeks the aid of young detective Jack Cross (Dillon Day) only to find that there is no protection from those who stalk her. No refuge from the wrath of the undead nor their Queen (Sydnee Steele).
Her sleep becomes riddled with nightmares only to wake to find that she has become one of them.
Note: - The movie won six AVN (Adult Video News) Awards in 2001 (Best Video Feature / Best Director - Video: Nic Andrews / Best All Girl Sex Scene - Video: Sydnee Steele & Jewel De Nyle / Best Editing - Video: Nic Andrews / Best Music: Derik Andrews & Inversion 89 / Best Videography: Jake Jacobs & Nic Andrews) and the 2001 VSDA Home Entertainment Award for Best Adult Title Of The Year.
- The shooting of the film took nine nights - remarkably long by porn-movie standards, and was done with the help of a mainstream movie special effects crew (Steve Newburn and Tom Ovenshire worked on films like Spider-Man 1 & 2 , The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen ,Men in Black II and Scooby Doo 2 .
- Because of the mix of violence and sex there are at least four different versions of the film for specific markets: The Director's Cut : this is the video version with hardcore sex, violence and blood. The Softcore version: softcore sex, no blood (Playboy type cable channels). The harcore sex, no blood version: for some foreign countries who apparently don't let sex mix with blood. And the mainstream cable version - violence, blood, very softcore sex (5 minute sex scenes).

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Our Ranking

short review:

This movie is somehow a mixed bag. Regarding it as an adult movie only, I would have rated it at least four (out of five). The film is very well photographed, there are some interesting camera angles and special FX in it, and it is centered around a well-evolved plot (by porn standards). But watching the movie from a vampiric point-of-view, the story turns out to be the weak spot here. There’s nothing new or captivating on the subject (to be precise, it is wafer-thin for a vampire film). Maybe I’m expecting too much from an adult movie – and considering that, it is really good – but as we’re talking about Vampire films here, I had to downgrade it to a two (out of five).

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