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Cold Hearts

AKA's: Filhos Das Trevas / Kalter Kuss
Fangs 2 (working title)

Release date: 1999 USA
Running time: 89' (cover 98') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 15; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Robert A. Masciantonio
Producer: Raven Releasing International / Shifty'z Worldwide Entertainment Inc.
Score: Ben Shepherd / John-Peter Hasson / Benjamin Blankenship / Kevin Hayes
Writer: Robert A. Masciantonio
Director of photography: Tom Stanger


Summary: Unbeknown to the ordinary citizens of a quiet New Jersey town some of the local teenagers harbour a terrifying secret that they are about to unleash upon the community.
Revealing himself as an evil vampire lord, Charles (Christopher Wiehl) and his hand-picked cohorts terrorise everyone in their path including rival vampires, Viktoria (Marisa Ryan) and Alicia (Amy Jo Johnson).
When all Hell breaks loose Viktoria and Alicia seek the assistance of a dark stranger, Seth (Robert Floyd), whose own terrifying secret will be revealed in the light of a full moon.

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short review:

There's obviously one film who inspired this movie: The Lost Boys! The same surroundings (mainly a fairground near the beach), the same bunch of reckless "We terrorise the neighbourhood" youngsters and the same fighting about a girl. But while The Lost Boys is a great film and kind of a genre-classic, this one "sucks": the story seems uncompleted, the acting is stiff and the dialogues are not really "genre-classics" (I watched the English AND the German version, but it makes no difference). It's not all bad, but I've seen better films, e.g. The Lost Boys.

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