Dark Greeting Cards

step #1: choose thy picture
choose ONE of the pictures with the radio-button, if you want to see the pic with a greater scale, click on it.


Howling Vampyre


Fantasy Vampyre
Cryptkeeping Vampyre
Demonic Vampyre
Historic Vampyre (Lady Bathory)
Vampyre Kiss
Vampyre? Who knows?
Vampyre Male ;) (aka Webmaster Nagumo *g*)


step #2: insert mail and name
fill in your name und  your eMail, and, of course the name of your chosen recipient.

Important! The recipients adress

Thy Name:
Thy eMail-adresse:
recipients name:
recipients eMail-adresse:


step #3: chosse text- and backgroundcolour.
Use the pulldown-menues to choose. Use 2 different colours! (sorry for this comment...but you'll never know *g*).



step #4: Type in a heading.

Thy Text


step #5: Fill in thy gretings.
  • carpe noctem!
  • dark greetings!
  • stay dark!



step #6: get a preview oder or cancel thy inputs.
Now, thou art done! click on the preview button to get a peek. If thou art wanteth to cancel, click the cancel button (of course). Thy card will then never reach its destination.