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Blood Ties

AKA's: Crepuscule Des Vampires, Le / Klan Der Vampire, Der

Release date: 1991 USA
Running time: 90' (cover 91') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: UK: 15; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Jim McBride (Great Balls Of Fire 1989; The Big Easy 1987; Breathless 1983)
Producer: Richard & Esther Shapiro Productions / Braveworld
Score: Brad Fiedel / Paul Lacques & Richard Lawrence (Songs)
Writer: Richard Shapiro
Director of photography: Affonso Beato


Summary: Blood Ties totally re-vamps the vampire legend. Vampires no longer shun sunlight or fear a crucifix and a whiff of garlic, even blood-sucking is restricted to love making, giving the term love bite a whole new meaning. These modern day vampires are alive and well and living in L.A. - a race of well-heeled fun lovers with a hellish heritage.
The only distraction to their partying is a bunch of bible bashing doom merchants who feel that the only good vampire is a dead vampire.
When these prophets of biblical woe murder a couple of farming folk, their orphaned son Cody (Jason London) is dispatched to confront his new extended family in L.A. Following in pursuit are the bigoted followers of good, determined to practice some ethnic cleansing. Cody's brothers illustrate the advantages of being akin: all night parties, motorcycling and foreplay with a bite - but all good things come to an end and the ultimate showdown is staged.

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