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Blade Of The Vampire

Release Date: 2006 USA
Running time: 87' (cover 87') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
Rating: US: R
Main Crew: Director: Miles Feldman (Altered Species 2001; Delusional 2000)
Producer: Rojak Films
Score: Nigel Holton
Writer: Miles Feldman
Director of photography: Stewart Clendenning


Summary: When an ancient bloodthirsty vampire ,Vandalis (Michael Taggart) descends on Hollywood it isn't long before he is preying on innocent runaways. They are toys in his game, but in a variation on the myth our vampire is weaker and more vulnerable than his old school brethren. He is met by another vampire, Selia (Sophia Tsimel), who he's known for hundreds of years. She has psychic powers and tells him that he's being hunted and that the hunter has discovered a mythical blade with the power to cut their blood sucking eternal lives very short.
Former Detective Grant (Rod Koch) has given up small time police work to pursue his quest, destroying the murderous vampire Vandalis. He discovered the blade and has been chasing Vandalis from city to city wading through the dearth of corpses and fear left in Vandalis' wake. Grant will finally confront Vandalis while trying to protect Alexis (Julie Tolle), a hard edged runaway. Vandalis has been preying on Alexis' friends using some of them to lure in others.
Grant will have his work cut out for him as he tries to kill the elusive Vandalis. Just as Grant thinks he has Vandalis within slicing distance Vandalis turns the tables on him. Now the hunter becomes the hunted. Grant will fight to stay alive as Vandalis tries to turn him into another blood drained victim. Grant will have only moments left in his fight for life and his quest to rid the world of this ultimate parasite.

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