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Bizarre's Dracula

Genre: Adult

Release date: 1995 USA
Running time: 50' (cover 60') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: US: NR/18 & up
Main Crew: Director: Wolfgang Smyth (Bizarre's Dracula II 1995)
Producer: Bizarre Video
Score: Neil B. Formie
Writer: Wolfgang Smyth
Director of photography: Johnny Stecchino


Summary: Jon (Scott Baker) gets lured into the shadow world of vampires and their slaves only to find that he has a taste for dominance and a wife with a thirst for blood. The dungeon of torment and delight calls him away as Dracula (Luc Wylder) descends on the stunning Mina (Ariana) and changes her from a lovely young woman to a bloodthirsty vampire submissive in the first part of this thrilling tale of whippings and domination by masterful demons.

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