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Beverly Hills Vamp

AKA's: A Vampira De Beverly Hills / Beverly Hillsin Vampyyrit

Release date: 1988 USA
Running time: 86' (cover 86'/USA 88') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Fred Olen Ray (Night Shade 1997; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 1988)
Producer: American Independent Productions / Austin Enterprises
Score: Chuck Cirino
Writer: Ernest D. Farino
Director of photography: Stephen Ashley Blake


Summary: Non-stop fun-packed, blood-sucking, frolic-filled adventure of Kyle (Eddie Deezen), Brock (Tim Conway Jr.) and Russell (Tom Shell). Having failed to impress Hollywood as would be movie makers, our heroes look for fun and relaxation at a house of ill-repute. Their voluptuous partners turn out to have a lot more than just pretty faces! Brock and Russell stick their necks out too far and are well and truly vamped. Kyle escapes and later returns with help for a night of fright - vampire hunting. The stakes are high, in the wonderfully wicked, heart searching, kill or be killed climax!

Our Ranking

short review:

Voluptuous, naked girls with fangs - not really a new idea, but always appreciated. But the meagre result is an odd screwball-comedy, desperately fighting with claws and teeth to be funny. The lines they throw are at least crazy/strange, and not funny at all. What a waste of time!

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