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Artifacts Of Time

AKA: Artifacts Of Time: A Vampire's Tale

Release Date: 2003 USA
Running time: 71' (cover 71') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Gio Sugranes
Producer: Dragon Slayer Studio Inc.
Score: Gene Michael Productions
Writer: Gio Sugranes
Director of photography: David James Morris


Summary: In a world of darkness and solitude the vampire Sebastian (Gio Sugranes) is tired of what he is. He is an Immortal.
Living out some of history's greatest and darkest moments. But something has been stalking this vampire throughout his entire existence.
A creature who has destroyed everyone Sebastian has ever befriended. A Being powerful enough that it threatens the very existence of life. Now, Sebastian must put aside his immortal feelings and hunt down this nemesis before it annihilates all of mankind. He must survive the ultimate showdown between a creature he's never encountered. Before it's evil is unleashed upon the world.
Note: - Premiered at the "Fright-Fest" Horror and Sci-Fi Festival in Gainesville, Georgia, USA in October 2003.

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